Sunday, May 15, 2016

I wanna know the story

Every Sunday, I read the Post Secret blog. And sometimes it makes me feel hopeful. Simetumes it makes me feel whistful. But mostly it makes me feel curious.

When I come across a secret that is profound, or resonates, with me I can't help but wonder if their curcumstances are similar, worse or better than what would cause me to write that statement.
I wonder if, for instance, this person is talking about losing people via death or by loss of friendship, or by loss of lovers.  What did they learn? Does it get easier? Harder?  Do they regret the parting or do they wish they had made it sooner?  What drove them to write that statement?  Did they lose a child, perhaps?  Did they part with a close friend? Or did a part of them die inside that they're saying goodbye to?  So many different scenarios. So many different meanings.  So many different things that could be learned.

The statement is vague, but it resonates with me for some reason.  Probably because of all the possibilities that it could mean.

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