Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I can almost guarantee that the ladies out there will know the feeling I'm about to talk about. And hopefully some of the gentleman out there will understand it as well.

It isn't so much the feeling as it is the cause of it that has me stymied right now.

I feel, decidedly, un-pretty today.  Just blah.  Nothing in particular was horribly wrong.  My makeup was on point, my hair was okay (not great, but not horrible), my clothes were okay, and my hormones should be fine.  So, WHY do I feel apathetic about my look today?  There was no one thing that stood out as being off.  I can understand feeling this way during certain times of the month, but again -hormones are okay right now.

So, does anyone else ever feel this way WITHOUT cause?  It's a mystery to me.