Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sorry, I was just so tired.

I'm baaaack!

Yesterday was our last day, and I have to admit that by the time I got home, unpacked, started my laundry, made dinner and gave myself a charlie horse so bad I had to lie down the rest of the night, I just gave up and figured you all can read this crap later.   :)  And here you are, reading this crap later.

Actually, day 5 (our last day) was a beautiful day.  When we woke up, there were wispy clouds in the mountains, but by the time we went down to breakfast, the sky was blue, blue, and blue.  We went towards the visitors center, and picked up a map; since the guy at the Holiday Inn just moved in from
We made it to the top of the stairs!

After getting the map, we drove around looking at all of the shops (scoping them out) and headed to Mingo Falls.  Which was breathtaking.  The pictures don't do it justice.  It was ridiculously beautiful, and it was the first thing I saw that made my jaw stand open.  There were steps up to the trail, some of which were knee high (no wonder I have a charlie horse)!

Mingo Falls
I have a confession to make.  The shops (that we visited) weren't that great.  I did get a few books, but didn't really find anything for a souvenir.  We did end up in a shop at the end that had sterling silver  jewelry and I got Leilani a pair of turquoise earrings (shhhh, don't tell her -they're for her B-day) and the guy there told me that Betsy's ring and My ring were Lapis Lazuli and Labradorite (respectively) that we bought at the Caverns.  Those were 15 bucks.  The rings and sterling silver jewelry that was in the village were closer to $30.  What a bargain!  Anyway, it was nice that he told me because mine looks like a moonstone, and that's what I was calling it.

So, after chasing after souvenirs, we gave up and went to Taco Bell, and then started the long trek home.  When we hit Morganton, we said goodbye to the last few mountains.  :(

So, to sum up: my favorites were "Blowing Rock State Park," the Caverns, and mining, and we could have spent more time in Cherokee finding the rest of the waterfalls (Linville Falls has nothing on Mingo Falls).  No one fell off a cliff, and I didn't have to call 911.  So, all in all, this was a good trip.

On the not so bright side, I think I'm getting sick.  My one gland was swollen the whole trip, and now they're both swollen.  Leilani has orientation on Thursday, and school starts on Monday.  So, I'll be a busy bee for the next few days - I can't afford to be sick!

Anyhow, I won't post anything much this week.  It's been fun entertaining you.  Let me know where your favorite spots are (especially if you have one in the mountains) so that I can visit those next time.

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