Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The "End of Year" list for 2015

Here we are again.  Another year come and gone.  Another list to compile of stuff I did, stuff I mock when I look back (the list of things I want to do), and the general feeling of the year as it was.

Let me just say: What a bloody crazy year it was!  I wasn't expecting most of the stuff that happened this year.  It's been wild, to say the least

After losing my job in January, the months off in between were lovely.  But stressful at times.  I had a blast hanging out with Valerie during that time.  Being "mom-extraordinaire" was a lot of fun work.  

Then, while at the beach in June, I got the phone call I had been hoping for during those past few months.  The phone call that I was being offered the job I hoped for.  So, I started June 29th, and it's been wonderful working with such a great group of people!

That being said, I read next to nothing this year.  I've read all of 2 books.  One of which was a dime-novel with the spine less than a centimeter!  So, I've been pretty bad when it comes to my reading.  But, in my defense, the second half of the year was just as crazy as the first - if not more.


First, let's mention the Low-lights of the year (because I want to end on a positive note):

  • My uncle died in April
  • Lost my job in January
  • Marriage dissolved in August
  • Daughter is having a rough time of life right now.

Highlights this year (my positives):

  • Got to hang out with Valerie in Carpool for the last half of 8th grade
  • Found a new, better job in June while I happened to be at the beach with family.
  • Saw Ingrid Michaelson live in June
  • Later that month, I went to Rocky Horror's Live show
  • I know exactly who I can - and who I can't - count on when the going gets tough.
  • Got to see the Biltmore Estate for the first time in September.  It was beautiful and extraordinary and everything they say it is.
  • At the end of this month, I'm hoping to see the new Star Wars

So, what do I hope for next year?  I hate to say that I want the dust to settle, as I know I'm going to look back especially at that statement and laugh and laugh.  But, it's true.  I just want the dust to settle.  I want to know that the ground I'm walking on isn't about to swallow me whole any moment.  It's probably an unrealistic expectation.  So, I should lower my standards for life-goals again, I think.

So, yearly life goals next year:  

  • Don't break.
  • Get a new roof and ceiling.
  • Save for next year.
  • Spend time with friends.

Maybe I'm aiming to high again.

How about just to spend time with friends every now and then.
And read more books.

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