Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oddly enough

So, yesterday on the way home from work I realized that I had a dream about myself developing a roll of film. (you remember, 35 mm film, right?)  And it feels like a recurring dream that I had recently as well.  Almost as if I dreamed the same thing within at least 2 weeks (possibly sooner).

It's eerie when you see something (Rite Aid, in this instance) that reminds you of something you've dreamed.  What's eerie about it is that until that moment you had no idea that you had done so.  But as soon as the light bulb in your head goes off and everything clicks into place, it feels so familiar.

I haven't developed a roll of film since Leilani was 2 years old.  Why think of that now?

Even stranger, is that last night I was thinking about elephants and feeling like I had dreamed of them earlier as well.  The fog surrounding my brain in regards to the particulars refuses to lift, and the mystery is still complete.  My mind keeps trying to peer past the fog to illuminate my subconscious thoughts but to no avail as of yet.  I continue to wait for the "ah ha" moment.

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