Thursday, January 14, 2021

What I did in 2020

Beautiful sunset.  Just because.
 Another year, albeit a weird one, has come to a close.  What a wild ride that was.  In some ways it was SO very different.  Working from home.  Being furloughed for a while.  Moving almost all doctor appointments to telehealth.  Libraries closed.  Everything shut. 

Then suddenly going back to my part time that I was fuloughed from and having face-to-face contact with people on a multiple times per week schedule.  Being able to go to the dentist again.  Getting my mammogram in person.  Going out to eat.  Toilet paper back in stock.

Just wild.

But, all that said, I did accomplish quite a bit this year.

  • I narrated and produced an audiobook that debuted in December.  In addition to reading that, I produced a second that has yet to debut.
  • I also read and completed, for my own personal knowledge, 36 books.  With an additional 6 that I abandoned because I got bored.
  • I put puzzles together with my father and saw movies with him (all before lockdown).
  • I've been mailing cards during the pandemic to people I care about. Sending sunshine to brighten days, while helping the post office. 
  • A new sushi place was revealed to me, and I've delighted in it ever since.
  • In June 2020 I reached a milestone of 50 days where I meditated.  And then in November, I reached 100 days of meditation.
  • I was fortunate enough to celebrate (although, alone) my 20th year working for the State of North Carolina.  That means I've been working for a total of 22 years of my 41 years on this earth.  I've now worked half my life.
  • The kitchen renovation was completed in February, right before covid hit.  So, it was wonderful to have a kitchen again after not having it for 6 months.  And just in time!
  • I've sucessfully migrated to a new phone, with the almost death of my old one.
  • Saw the Outter Banks for the first time, thanks to one of my favorite people, who decided to book her birthday trip there.  I was so grateful to be invited to spend time with her and her friends.
  • I went to my first ever haunted house this year with another of my favorite people.
  • I was introduced to Szcheuan Hot Pot this year.  So much fun!
  • I have really honed my skills at creating weekly goals and habit trackers this
    past 6 months.
  • I honed my scone and spring roll recipes.  And I have tested out my Instant Pot Vortex Oven/Fryer.
  • I've played with new makeup color combinations this year.  Most people seem bored senseless by this, so I've stopped posting my creations.  But I still enjoy doing them and having fun.
  • I completely changed my haircolor.
  • I got my first Henna tattoo from a woman from Bangledesh.  It was intricate, and a wonderfully soothing experience.
I have been, and continue to be, grateful for the people who have stuck by me this year.  When it has been so easy for everyone to just hole up in their own covid-bubble worlds.  The people who made time to talk to me, see me, and invest their time in me are so appreciated.  

Mind you, there have been moments of saddness.  To keep it real, there have been major disappointments in situations, people who were in my life, and myself.  It's not all perfection.  But, yearly, I celebrate the accomplishments.  Not the failures, setbacks and disappointments.  Those are for my personal blog.  Just know they exist.  So, if you're struggling - you're not alone.   

Saturday, April 18, 2020


It is a rainy Saturday.  It has been a rough week.  Social distancing is taking its toll. Even on this introvert.

After days and days of continuing on in this new normal, I feel the weight of "get up and get dressed; you'll feel better" pressing down on my psyche, making me feel worse about not doing just that.

Right now, there seems no point to it.  Why would I need or want to get up and get dressed when I am going nowhere?  I will see no one but my cat.

Even scrolling thru Instagram looking at new makeup isn't bringing me joy or inspiration. 

I'm coining this feeling of general idgaf apathy  "Covidepression" 
Because, this isn't normal depression.  This is situational depression at its finest, because it is effecting us all.  Well, a good portion of us anyway.